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St John’s Catholic Primary School – Governing Body 2023/24


st johns governance structure september 2023.pdf

 Information about Terms of Office; Meeting Attendance; and Governor Declarations can be found HERE.

If you are interested in applying to become a Governors please contact the school office or the Director of Governance & Compliance at ASCAT on governance@ascat.co.uk . Alternatively please find more information on the ASCAT Governance Page of the Trust website. 

Our School Governors are:


Type of Governor

Start date of appointment

End date of appointment

Mr Christopher Briggs 

Foundation Bishop Appointed 

Chair of Governors  

31 Aug 2022 

31 Aug 2026 

Michael Chapman 

Parent governor 

Safeguarding Link Governor 

13 Jan 2023 

12 Jan 2026 

Fr Andrew Gallagher 

Foundation Bishop Appointed 

01 Nov 2021 

31 Aug 2025 

Laura Juniper 

Parent governor 

13 Feb 2023 

12 Feb 2026 

Mrs Louise Martin 

Staff governor 

07 Nov 2019 

6 Nov 2023 

Karen McNerney 

Co-opted governor 

04 Sep 2023 

3 Sep 2027 

Mrs Annette Naughton 

Foundation Bishop Appointed 

Application in process  

31 Jan 2018 

31 Aug 2022 

Mr Nicolay Sorensen 

Associate Member 

04 Jan 2023 

4 Jan 2024 

Fiona St George 

Foundation Bishop Appointed 



04 Oct 2021 

3 Oct 2025 

Mrs Teresa Stark 

Foundation Bishop Appointed 

Application in process  

08 May 2019 

7 May 2023


More information about the Trust Governance structure can be accessed on the ASCAT website including access to the Scheme of Delegation; Articles of Association; audited accounts and funding agreement.