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Catholic Life of the School

St John’s Catholic Primary School is named after St John the Evangelist, the author of the Gospel of St John. John and his brother James were fishermen when Jesus chose them to be to be part of his original twelve apostles. They left their boat and followed Jesus. Throughout his life John showed love, loyalty and friendship, even staying by Jesus when he was crucified. It is these qualities of love, loyalty and friendship, and John’s message, ‘To trust in Christ,’ that we at St John’s School hold dear.

The words of Jesus to, 'Love your neighbour', mean that we encourage caring, kindness and forgiveness every day. Children learn how to live by Gospel values and take a considered approach to their lives.

At St John’s there is a dignity and respect for each individual as a unique creation of God. We strive to celebrate the diversity which he has provided, recognising their gifts, and helping them to grow in their understanding of themselves, others and their relationship with God. We explore other faiths within our learning to promote greater understanding amongst our future citizens, so that they may be part of a tolerant and respectful society.

At St John’s we have strong links with our local parish and celebrate the liturgical year with a range of events. Our priests visit the school on a weekly basis to further children's spiritual development.


 Collective Worship at St John's

At St. John's, we provide times of Collective Worship in the following way:


Monday Gospel Assembly
Tuesday Music-led Worship
Wednesday Class based Worship
Thursday Class based Worship
Friday Celebration Assembly

Prayer and Liturgy Policy

Click here to read our Prayer and Liturgy Policy.

Prayer Progression

Click here to see how learning of prayers progresses through each phase of our school.